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Common Vegetables To Grow at Home

Apr 21, 2015
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Design Green India brings you a list of common vegetables that can be grown easily at homes in pot or any container. These vegetables have short life cycle resulting in quick harvest for your kitchen. Also these don’t require much space, your flat balcony or home back yard is enough to keep the pots or containers at appropriate place.

1. Bitter Gourd


Popularly know as Karela, Bitter Gourd is grown through seeds through out the year. It’s juice is very good for the body.  Buy quality Karela seeds.

2. Brinjal

how to grow brinjal at home

Another popular vegetable in Indian cuisine, known as Baingan in Hindi. Eggplant, Aubergines are some of its other names. It is also very easy to grow and take care. Its color ranges from purple, white to green yellowish white. Checkout our brinjal seeds collection.

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3. Potato


Known as Aloo in Hindi, Potato is world’s most home grown plant. It is a tuber type vegetable means food is stored in tuber shaped roots. Best season to cultivate potato is October to March. Potato is grown through potato seeds which are small sized potato parts having at least one eye (growing point) on them. If you are planning to grow potato at your place then check out this post.

4. Tomato


Tomato / Tamatar is used to enhance the taste of food. It can be grown easily in container/pot in balcony or roof top through seeds in any season of the year. Here is its detailed growing tips.


5. Lady’s Fingers



Popularly called as Bhindi in India, Lady’s fingers is an easy vegetable to start and care. Bhindi seeds can be sown in mid March when temperature starts to rise in most of the part of the country. Check out detailed growing techniques here. Buy best quality bhindi seeds.

6. Sweet Pea 


Popularly called as matar in hindi, sweet pea is started in cold season September onwards in India. It can be grown in medium sized tray placed in balcony or home garden. Growing cycle is very short for sweet pea, within 2-3 months peas can be harvested. Detailed growing tips can be read here

Buy branded and high germination success rate sweet pea seeds.

8. Chilli

chilli growing tips

Important vegetable of an indian cuisine, chilli can be grown easily in container or pots at home for many years. Chilli can be started from March-May when temperature starts to rise. Detailed growing tips can be read here.

Buy chilli seeds from here.

9. Beans


Bean ( Vigna sesquipedalis ) is another popular vegetable grown through out the years from seeds. Its long, green to red fruit is used as vegetable. Buy seeds for long green beans vegetable.


10. PumpkinKaddu

Popularly called as Kaddu, is very good for health. Pumpkin is very rich in fibre, vitamins like A,K,C and minerals (iron, magnesium, potasium). It is cultivated through out the year with seeds.

11. Ridge Gourd


Known as angled loof / Luffa acuntangula, Ridge Gourd is grown through out the year by seeds or transplanting.  Its hard dark green fruit is eaten as vegetable. Ridge Gourd’s health benefits include high fiber and water content, rich in vitamines, blood purifier etc. It is locally called by these names –  turai (Hindi), Beerakai (Telugu) , Peerkangai (Tamil)

12.  Beet Root


Beet root (Beta vulgaris) is crimson red root vegetable. Its tap root are used as vegetable. It can be grown any season in the year through seeds. Buy beetroot seeds.

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