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Tips for growing plants in the autumn / winter

Oct 13, 2015
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Growing plants  in the autumn may not be that easy

If you plan to grow plants or edibles in the autumn – you should definitely want to check out the advantages and the disadvantages of this yet cold season when it comes to home gardening. There are some differences between the urban and the outdoor gardening, but the common thing is the weather, which is usually cold and windy, and you have to deal with lots of autumn leaves before planting the seeds.

For big gardens like outdoor areas or backyard gardens – a great idea is to call the professional landscape gardener in Growing plants in the autumn may not be that easy2your region. They know best which tools to use for achieving better results, while the professional choice of the best seeds will ensure healthy and fast growing plants. This is especially important for the winter, because there are only a few specific species that can grow outdoors in the autumn. If you want to do everything by yourself, make sure that you have the right tools for every task or at least the basic ones. It comes to a shovel for making holes in the soil and a trowel for a better landscaping of the soil after planting the seeds. Decide which exactly types of plants or edibles you want to grow, which will help you with the right choice of the arrangement of the seeds. Take into account the angle of the sunlight throughout the days, as well as location of the shaded areas. Try to avoid planting near the shades of the fences or right under trees with the largest canopies due to their huge shades. You want to expose your plants as much as possible to the natural sunlight during the wintertime, which will enhance the growing. Another great idea is to make a cushion of the fallen leaves as an extra layer of protection for the seeds. After the leaf collection, inspect the pile and take a pick of the most beautiful leaves, which you may use for art decoration of the interior of the house. Cover the soil with the rest of the leaves and, hopefully, when the seeds start to grow, they will transform the colorful fallen leaves into another piece of art in your outdoor garden.



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Growing plants in a greenhouse is perhaps the easiest task for the autumn and for the wintertime. These yet cold seasons are accompanied by a high level of risk from frost, snowfalls and quite low air temperature in the nights. However, the protection of the greenhouse is indispensable for growing some edibles outdoors such as lettuce or radishes. Don’t forget to take into account the angle of the slopes, which plays a major role for the direction when planting the seeds.

The urban gardening is not an exception from all the difficulties when growing plants in the autumn. An open terrace in an urban environment needs numerous maintenance services and it may be a little bit more difficult to keep your garden clean up than you have expected. There are stronger winds and swirls through the open urban environments, although the air temperature is usually a little bit higher in densely urbanized areas. A great idea in this case is to grow plants in pots and to ensure that each pot has its own transparent cover, like dozens of mini-greenhouses on your terrace. Planting in pots, baskets or 1L – 5L containers is the main way for growing plants at home. These mobile baskets provide a better control of the sunlight exposure, while a higher air temperature transforms the home gardening into the most desirable way for growing plants in the autumn.


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