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A Beginner’s Guide – How to Start Gardening at Home

Apr 24, 2015
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Let’s begin gardening !!

Starting a garden! There are some simple gardening tips to be followed. Hopefully, these tips can make your garden a place of choice for growing both flower plants as well as vegetables !!


First of all, decide for a good location. Amount of exposure and an adequate water supply is must, and a crucial factor. Find the place where you want to plant and dig it. If you have plenty of time, and need much better results, smother it with a newspaper. Digging loosens the soil and roots can penetrate better. It also increases the air and water holding capacity of the soil.


It is said that more you care the soil, less care you need to give to the plants, because the soil will itself care for them. Organic matter is best for the soil; hence, add a 3 inch layer of compost over the layer of newspaper. Approximately, after 3 months, both newspaper and the compost will decompose. Get your soil checked for pH, as the choice of the plants depends on pH of the soil.

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Plants selection:


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The selection of plants depends upon the amount of sunlight received, water supply and the pH of the soil. Consider these points thoroughly to receive best  results. You can search our website, which can help you in plant selection. Many plants grow from seeds, but an easier method is to choose young plants (also known as set plants or transplants or saplings).

Watering & Fertilizing:

Cover the soil with about 2 inches of mulch. It keeps the weeds away. Keep watering, when needed. Remove weeds, as and when required. Almost all plants need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Sprinkle fertilizers which contain these nutrients.

Your garden is ready! Happy gardening!!


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  1. Hi, It seems you are suggesting that the newspaper be left in the soil. Aren’t the newsprint chemicals bad for the soil? And we need to wait for three months before we can sow? How to get oh checked? Any easy way to find?


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