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A step by step guide on using seed tray for starting plants

Mar 07, 2014
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start plants in seed trays

Seed trays are easy and cost effective way of starting plants indoors.After plants are grown to certain heights, they can easily be transplanted in their actual location. All you need is a seeding tray, good potting mix, seeds and cane of water. Below is step by step guide explaining use of seed tray.


  • Buy a good quality flat, plastic seed tray. It can be small or big depending on your requirement. Here I used tray with 104 cells.




  • Fill the cells in the tray with good potting mix. Potting mix is a mixture of peat moss, compost, choir and vermiculite which promote quick growth.




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  • Compact the mix in each cell using fingers and sprinkle water on the tray. You should water the potting mix now only otherwise there are chances of seeds getting displaced from the cells.


  • Make a 1 cm deep hole in each cell and sprinkle 2-3 seeds in it. You can thin out seedlings later once seeds are sprouted.





  • Cover the seeds with fine layer of potting mix. Read instructions on the seed packet as some seeds are not required to be covered, they need light to germinate.In a week seeds will sprout. Transplant them in their permanent location once they are few inches tall.


saplings coming out after few weeks.


Seed trays

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