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A visit to world known Ranthambore National Park, India

Dec 20, 2013
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Ranthambhore National Park
Team ‘Design Green India’ recently visited a famous Indian national park – Ranthambore National Park and was amazed with the flora out there.  The flora was consisted of around 300 species dominated by deciduous trees. The national park roughly covers 500 sq km and has a famous tiger sanctuary, a fort (considered one of the strongest forts in India) and a Ganesh Temple. Ganesh temple area is largely populated by Hanuman langurs. Tigers are main attraction of the sanctuary. They can be seen roaming in open as they are not that much feared of human presence around them.
park contains many lakes in middle of forest

According to information provided on park’s official website (http://www.ranthamborenationalpark.com/flora.html), flora is mainly consists of Magnifera indica (Aam), Tamarandus indica(Imli) , Accasia nilotica (Babul), Ficus benghalensis (Bargad), Zizyphus mauritania (Ber), Accacia catetchu (Khair), Phoenix sylvestris (Khajur), Azadirachta indica (Neem) etc.

Phoenix sylvestris trees
Cundil shrub
a deciduous tree
Henna tree
a wild vegetation
a hanuman langur visible in background
A wild spiny vegetation
a small tree growing on Phoenix sylvestris ( Khajur) tree

A red colored lake was seen in the national park (the red color was due to red algae most probably).

a red colored lake

A garden is maintained here by Archaeological Survey of India in fort area. It is nicely bordered by purple and orange bougainvilleas.

garden in fort area
sign board of ASI

Old banyan trees can be saw here easily. A gigantic banyan tree considered as India’s second largest is situated near padam Talao (a lake) in the national park.

Banyan trees near Ranthambore tiger sanctuary entrance


In short it is a must visit place, we would recommend a trip to Ranthambore to all nature lovers. Check out more pictures.More : A Visit to UNESCO world heritage site – Qutub Minar.

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