About Us

Design Green India is the answer to a simple problem – How should I grow & care my plants and vegetables? 

We give plant growing and caring tips based on 6 points –propagation, container, soil, sun/temperature, watering and fertilizer saving visitors from lengthy and unnecessary reads. We are committed to making gardening experience much easier. More to this we bring coverage on famous gardens, botanical parks, gardening events and conferences to our visitors.

So, regardless you are having a green thumb or not, Design Green India is here to get you started and assist in the quest of making your home gardens greener than ever.

Design Green India is a shared vision of two college friends – Vinod Kumawat and Jay Vadi who love to discuss plants and gardening all the time. Researched and experimented with growing & cultivation techniques of many plants during college days, they write growing tips on basis of personal experience and information available around in the form of books and magazines.

Through Design Green India they want to reach and connect others who share the same passion.