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Best tips for controlling White fly’s infestation on plants

May 11, 2014
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White fly can be a huge problem when left untreated. Relative to mealy bugs and aphids 2-3 mm long white fly is identified through a circular spreading of eggs coated in white powdery substance on the undersides of leaves. Eggs are hatched in white and oval nymphs. Finally nymphs turn into adult flies through metamorphosis. An adult white fly can lay around 400 eggs. White fly sucks sap out of the leaves making them look yellowy and spotted. A sugary substance called honey dew is excreted in turn by white flies which increases risk of fungi infection on the plant. Ants are attracted to honey dew and in turn they protect white fly’s larvae. White fly lays eggs on new growth at the top of the plant. White fly can be spotted in day time easily. Follow below methods to control white flies’ population on the plants.


  • Remove infested leaves or plant parts as soon as signs of white flies’ attack appear.


  • You can use some natural white flies predators like ladybugs, lacewings etc.


  • Simply vacuum the whiteflies with a vacuum cleaner early in the morning. But be careful not to damage the plant.



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  • Hang stick tapes on infected plants or anything closer to them. You can make one by painting cardboard or wood bright yellow. Now coat the surface of the trap with some sticky substance like petroleum jelly or sticky tape. This acts as a trap for white flies.


  • Spray infected plant parts with insecticidal liquid soap or dish detergent.


  • Many gardeners recommend worm castings to repel white flies successfully. Spread cupfuls of worm castings near the plant base. White fly hates its taste.


  • Neem oil can be used too to control white fly’s population. Neem oil has insecticidal as well as fungicidal properties. It gets absorbed on plant parts and circulated all over the plant.


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