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Grow Aloe Vera at Home

Sep 01, 2013
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Aloe vera is a medicinally useful succulent plant.  It’s sap /gel has been used for treating burns, sunburns, itching etc for many years. It is low maintenance succulent which can be grown at home easily. Aloe vera’s  fleshy leaves grow in characteristics rosette pattern ( circular arrangement of leaves with all leaves at similar height) from the stem. Green fleshy leaves store water like other succulents and has white small teeth like scales on leaf sides. In India it is known as Ghikwar ( Hindi) and Korphad ( Marathi).


There are two ways for propagating Aloe vera. First one, Aloe vera is propagated from pups developed at side of mother plant. Pups are aloe offshoots or baby aloe which share part of the root system with existing mother plant. So to propagate Aloe vera from these pups all you need to do is just carefully separate these baby aloe from mother plant and transplant in pot with new potting mix. This method has high odds of success.

Second method is using Leaf cuttings. Cut a 3-4 inches part of  a healthy looking leaf and allow it to dry.  Drying helps leaf to heal so that it can be transplanted into soil without any risk of infection or rot. Once leaf cutting has been dried , then insert the cutting in soil. ( cut end should be going at least 1 inch inside the soil). Moist the soil slightly.


You can choose container according size of your plant. Make sure it has drainage holes to provide good drainage. Use small stone or brick pieces at bottom of container to ensure smooth drainage of water.

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Use well drained garden soil or better purchase potting mix for cacti or succulent available in markets.

 Sun / Temperature

Aloe vera can tolerate full sun for longer period but for best result place it in partial shade. In full sun leaves may curl and turn brown.  It prefer temperature around 70 -80 ° F .


Water only when soil gets dry. As Aloe is a succulent plant which store water in its leaves, it does not need much watering. Cut down watering nearly to cease in winter. Do not stand water near rosette ( base of the plant where all leaves join ) as it will cause leaf rot.


Aloe doesn’t have much fertilizing need. If you want then fertilize with small amount of houseplant fertilizer in spring during watering.

 Aloe Vera medicinal uses

  •        Burns, Itching, Sunburns.
  •       Treating Constipation
  •       As ingredients of moisturizers, lotions, pain relieving gel etc
  •      In treating minor skin infection and cysts.
  •      As skin gel which reduces acne and maintain skin glow.
  •      Some medicines containing Aloe vera as ingredient claims to have anti hair fall property.


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