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Growing Calathea Plant

Aug 17, 2013
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Calathea zebrina
Calathea zebrina
Calathea zebrina is member of Calathea plant family. It is often mistaken as Marantha zebrina ( Prayer plant ) or zebra plant (Aphelandra squarrosa ). It has characteristics green ovular shaped leaves which are striped in white or yellow. It is native to Brazil and upon proper care can grow up to 3 feet tall. This plant has been given Award of Garden Merit by Royal Horticultural Society. Follow below tips for best results. It is also known as Zebrina in India.
C. zebrina is propagated through division at the time of repotting. At the base of plant cut the rosettes (modified stem) with sharp knife to divide plant. Cover container with these new divisions (divided plants) with polythene until active growth starts again.
Use medium sized container or pot with proper drainage holes. Put stones or bricks pieces on drainage holes to facilitate water drainage. Repot the plant when it gets too crowded. Generally repotting is done every two years.
A well drained potting mix will work well for it. Soil should hold moisture in as this plant requires higher humidity level. You can add compost or manure to enrich it.
Sun /Temperature
C. zebrina grows well in shaded or area receiving indirect sun light. Temperature should be maintain between 60 -70° F ( 15-20 ° C). Maintain high humidity condition by misting the plant several times a week or put a water and gravel filled tray at pot’s bottom.
Water regularly during growth season and keep soil moist. Cut down watering in winter. Let soil dry out between two watering sessions. Do not allow plant to stand in water as it will cause root rot.
Feed regularly throughout growing season with liquid fertilizer. Dilute liquid fertilizer before using.
After every two years repot it in fresh potting mix. Divide the plant during repotting.
Real time pics-
characteristics leaf pattern

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