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Best tips for growing carrot at home

Oct 03, 2015
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Carrot (Daucus carota) is a cool season root vegetable. A rich source of vitamin A, carrot is recommended by doctors for healthy eye sight. Carrot crop can be harvested within 5-6 weeks of planting seeds. So by sowing seeds every two weeks multiple crops can be harvested within a season.  It can be grown in containers too as far as they are deep enough. Below are the tips which could help with growing carrot at home.

Carrot is propagated from seeds. Carrot seeds are too small so handle them carefully. Sow seeds ½ inch and 1 inch apart in a row. You can later thin out by removing weak seedlings to create space of 3-4 inches between two nearby seedlings. Thinning should be done by snipping or pinching seedlings at ground level not by pulling them out as it can disturb adjacent growing seedling. This gives plant enough room for proper growth. Make sure rows are 12 inches (1 foot) apart. Seeds will germinate within 2 weeks. To speed up germination sow radish seeds with it as it will germinate faster and loosen up soil for other plants. Buy Carrot flower seeds online.
If you are short of space and want to grow carrots in container then select one which is at least 1 foot deep. Container deeper than that would be great. It should have adequate number of drainage holes. Put stone pieces over holes to ensure smooth drainage. Container material can be anything – clay, glazed or unglazed or terracotta.
Nature of soil an important factor while growing carrot. Soil should be loose so that roots couldn’t find it difficult to penetrate ground. To ensure this till the soil up to the depth of at least 6-8 inches and remove any stones or large clumps of soil from the ground.  Large stones cause split or bifurcation in carrots.
Sun / Temperature
Carrot requires a good 4-5 hrs of sun light everyday so make sure you are planting them in well lit location. Carrot can tolerate partial shade.
Keep soil moist always. Water only when the soil is dry but do not over do it as it cause root rot.
Garden compost or farm yard manure works well. Mix it with soil in advance before planning to sow seeds. If you want to use fertilizer then use anything but nitrogen based as it encourage only foliar growth depriving roots from growing.
Harvest crop within 5-6 weeks of planting seeds. Check for carrot stem near the ground if it is 1 inch wide then carrot is ready to be harvested. Or just take one out of the ground and taste. If it tastes good then harvest your crop. Pull out the plant from the ground, cut the leaves on it and store in cool, dry place.Know how to grow Radish at home.

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