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Growing Celosia in Pots / Containers

Sep 28, 2013
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Celosia plants are identified by unusual silky flower appearance and color.  Some species blooms are velvety crested type similar to cockscombs and others shaped like plumes or spikes.  This is the reason Celosias commonly called as wooflowers or cockscombs.  Height ranges from 6 – 36 inches.  Flowers are available in red, pink, orange, purple,  yellow and white.  Generally blooms in mid- summer to mid fall. Since Celosia flower head is consists of many small flowers, they produce a large number of small seeds which keep sprouting in container itself and sometimes take over the nearby containers too. Grow this annual at your home gardens to add color and make it to look silky.


Celosia's seedsCelosias are grown from seeds. Collect the seeds from existing plant and sow them in warmer season. It will take around 10 -14 days to germinate. Thin out the sprouts to keep minimum distance of 8 inches.


Use small to medium sized container. Put pieces of small rocks or bricks on drainage holes of container. This will facilitate smooth drainage of water out of the container.  Keep the container in the place where it can get good amount of sunlight.


Celosia can grow in nutrient deficient soil too but soil enriched with organic matter will result in good blooming.  Use sandy loam soil mixed with organic matter.  Add leaf mold, peat, cow manure and compost to enrich the soil.

Sun /Temperature

Celosia is warm and humidity loving annual. It thrives in full sun.  It require minimum of 8 hrs of direct sunlight.


Celosia thrives in humid condition. Keep the container soil / potting mix moist, do not let it dry. Mist it alternate days to maintain humidity around it. Avoid water logging the soil as it will induce root rot.


Fertilizer is not required for Celosia as such. Soil enriched with organic matter is enough.  However if you want then use slow release granular fertilizer or liquid fertilizer diluted in water once a month.


Tie the flower heads on stakes to keep them from falling over as flower head becomes heavy comparatively to stem.

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