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Best Tips For Growing Christmas Tree

Jun 10, 2013
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Christmas tree is an important part of Christmas celebration. If plan well in advance then it is possible that you can celebrate the festival with a home grown one. Follow below tips for increasing odds of success.



Types of Christmas tree

You can select Virginia pine (Pinus virginia) , the most common christmas tree or Afghan pine( Pinus eldarica)- second most common type. Other types include deodar cedar, sand pine and Arizona cypress.


Planting / Propagation

Choose your planting site which is away from any human interference or development. Avoid planting on steep slopes as it would result in soil erosion and water will wash away very soon without reaching to roots. Make the site clear of any type of weeds grown there. You can purchase good quality seedlings from local market or order some online. February to May is best time for planting Christmas tree.


Soil & Watering

Christmas tree can grow in almost any type of soil but loamy soil is ideal for it. Keep the soil moist always; do not let it dry between watering.


Sun / Temperature

Seedlings can’t tolerate high temperature so planting should be done in cool weather.



Feed your Christmas plant once or twice a year with normal purpose fertilizer. Compost can be added to increase nutrients level. However the plant doesn’t need much fertilizing.


Pest / Weed Control

Pine Tip Moth or Nantucket moth (Rhyacionia frustrana) is common pest of christmas tree. It causes hollowed tips on lateral branches. Use pesticides to control it.

Weed can be a big problem in growing Christmas tree. Pull weeds with roots to completely remove them. This is recommended for seasonal and non persistent weeds. Spray herbicides at start of fall or spring for serious or persistent weeds.

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