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Best tips for growing Coriander / Dhania at home

Jan 04, 2014
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Coriander/ Cilantro(Coriandrum sativum) is a popular culinary herb. Known as ‘Dhania’ (India) , Chinese parsley , Cilantro can be grown in small pots or containers with ease. Related to umbelaece family, cilantro grows, flowers and fruits within a short period of time. Seeds formed on maturation can be stored and used for next cycle of crop. It is very important to harvest the cilantro leaves on right time otherwise it would become tasteless. Try following tips for success.



Cilantro is propagated from seeds. You can get seeds easily from market or order them online. Each cilantro fruit contains 2 seeds so you Cilantro /Coriander seeds can separate them and sow as two seeds. Sow seeds 3-4 inches apart and 1/2 inch deep in to the soil. This way chance of germination also increases. It will take around 14-15 days to seeds sprout so be patient. Maintain at least 6-8 inches space between two seeds otherwise it will be overcrowded and invite pests and diseases. Buy seeds for winter vegetables.




Prefer a tray as a container because it gives you more sowing area compare to regular round pot or    container. Planting tray should have adequate number of drainage holes to ensure smooth passage of water out of it otherwise chances of root rot inc rease. Put pieces of bricks or small stones on drainage holes to help with drainage.


Tray used as contianer for sowing cilantro seeds


Cilantro grows in any type of well drained soil. Loamy soil is ideal for cilantro. Add a layer of garden compost to enrich soil in nutrients.


Place your container in a bright, direct sunlight location. Afternoon shade is also beneficial. Cilantro is a cool season crop which grows well in cool temperature. In summer or high temperature it tends to bolt means it will flower and fruit prematurely without any significant growth on foliage (leaves) which are harvested.



Take extra care while watering cilantro seedlings as they drown when water is poured directly on to the soil. Use sprayer to water the young seedlings.  Keep soil moist but do not over water it.

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Feed cilantro with nitrogen based liquid fertilizer as it will help in increasing foliage on the plant.




First leaf visible on cilantro

Cut off leaves and stems when the plant is at least 6 inches tall. But do not cut more than one third leaves at a time as it can make the plant weak. A cilantro plant can be harvested 3-4 times. If you want to harvest seeds then let the plant flower and fruit. Its fruit is yellow to brown in color and contains 2 seeds. These seeds falls on to the soil and can germinate on their own. So it depends on you whether you harvest seeds or let them germinate for next cycle of crop.


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