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Grow Coleus Indoors

Nov 08, 2013
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Coleus' beautiful foliageColeus is the plant which is specifically grown for foliage. Coleus leaves are mix of two to three colors ranging from pink, light yellow, green to purple and red. The leaves texture is different from usually noticed in other plants, it has somewhat rough and papery. Coleus is very easy to grow indoors. Follow below tips for growing Coleus successfully at home.



Coleus can be propagated through either seeds or cuttings. Propagating through cuttings will result in plant identical to mother plant. So generally this method is preferred. Cut the tips off a long stem and transplant in other container having well drained soil. Moist the soil and keep the container in shaded place.



Use a small to medium sized container with adequate number of drainage holes as Coleus doesn’t like to stand in water. Put small pieces of rocks or bricks on drainage holes to ensure smooth drainage of water out of the container.


Old Coleus leaf turing brown and colorless Soil

Coleus will grow in any type of soil as far as it is well drained. A poor drained soil will induce root rot in Coleus.


Sun / Temperature

Place Coleus in the area where plenty of sun light available. Foliage color of Coleus depends on sunlight too. More exposure to sunlight better and bright the foliage color. In very less light foliage becomes discolored and dull. But avoid direct mid day light as it can result in discolored foliage.



Keep the soil moist but not soggy. Cut down the watering in winter.



Use a liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength every 2 weeks or slow release pellets in growing season.



Pinch off the flowers as soon as they appear as plant directs its most of energy in producing seeds leaving plant with poor foliage. Bring Coleus inside in winter and if starts dropping leaves then need not to panic as it is way of surviving through low temperature.  Coleus old leaves tend to turn brown and colorless as soon as new leaves emerge so don’t worry if you see lower leaves turning brown.

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