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Best Tips For Growing Corn Plant (Dracaena fragrans Massangeana) Indoors

Aug 03, 2013
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Corn plant, Dracaena frangrans
Dracaena fragrans Massangeana , commonly known as corn plant have characteristic yellow strips down the centre of its green glossy leaves. It is low maintenance, slow growing plant which can be kept in same medium sized container for about 2 years. It is a member of Agavaceae family and grow 5 to 15 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet wide. Sometimes it is called as  false palm  due to its growing pattern. It also act as air purifier plant.
Dracaena fragrans / Corn Plant
Corn plant can be propagated from seeds  (sow seeds in spring ) and cane cuttings both . But cane cuttings is preferred over seeds as it is easy and rate of success is very high. Cane cuttings are nothing but pieces of corn plants stem. Choose a mature healthy scar free cane. Make sure buds (present between two consecutive leaf scars) are intact ,then only new shoot will develop. Cut the selected cane into smaller sections of 3-4 inches (each cutting should have dormant bud in it ). You can treat these cuttings with rooting hormones before moving them into pots for faster root development. Now move the stem cuttings into pot with buds facing upward. You can place the cuttings horizontally too but buds should always  be upward facing.
Dracaena does best in a well drained loose soil based potting mix.
Sun / Temperature
Average room temperatures 60-75° F , 16-24°C work fine for corn plant. But temperature should not be below than 13°C.
Corn plant is drought tolerant, but can display signs of dehydration if left without water for too long. Its foliage can look withered. Keep soil moist throughout the year. (Except winter, in winter allow soil drying out before watering it) Like other Dracaena , these are sensitive to boron and fluoride so use non fluoride water.
Feed plant during growing season in spring and summer. Use slow release balanced liquid fertilizer to avoid having plant feed every month. Slow release fertilizer release nutrient each time you water the plant. Avoid feeding in winter as plant is dormant that time.
Indoor corn plant blooms rarely. It has greenish white flowers at branch end provided the native climate.
Dracaena does not require regular pruning, cut back plant to about 6 inches from base in growth season to promote growth of weak plants. Clean plant with a damp cloth to keep it dust free.
Repot the corn plant with fresh well drained soil when roots have no more space left in pot.

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