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Growing Croton Plant ( Codiaeum Variegatum punctatum aureum)

Aug 23, 2013
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Codiaeum Variegatum punctatum aureum
Croton growing in container

Codiaeum variegatum punctatum aureum, an croton plant, is  known for its characteristics beautiful leaves. It is a variety of variegatum species of Codiaeum genus under poinsettia family. Its lanceolate( needle shaped ) leaves can grow upto 30 cm long. Leaves have bright yellow spots or patches on leaves which make the plant spectacular. This croton is evergreen shrub which is suited as indoor plant. Growing conditions are same as needed for other crotons. 



It is propagated from stem cuttings. Take stem cuttings from the existing plant after current year’s growth has been completed. Dip the cuttings in rooting hormones or honey for enhance chances of rooting. Then plant these cuttings in fresh potting mix or soil. Cover the container having cuttings with plastic bag until roots come out the cuttings.


Container / Pot

You can use medium to large sized container as they grow as a bushy plant. Container should have good water drainage facility to avoid water logging. Use small stones or brick pieces at container bottom to facilitate water drainage.



Soil should be well drained , porous and enriched with organic matter. Use decomposed yard manure and leaf mould to make it more fertile. Normal purpose red garden soil will work too. You can get it from nearby local nursery / garden centre. Potting mix should not contain too much of nitrogen.


Sun / Temperature

It is most important aspect for any of croton plant. They require bright sun light to maintain foliage color. Croton prefers warm and humid conditions. In mild climate the plant can tolerate sun for longer period. It does not like cold wind.



Water regularly and keep soil moist evenly. Never over water it. Mist plant leaves to maintain humidity. You can wash plant leaves with water occasionally to keep it glowing.



Use normal purpose fertilizer of liquid fertilizer biweekly. Nutrient deficiency results in smaller leaves which may drop off eventually.



As the plant grow as a bushy plant so doesn’t require pruning much.



Real time pics-




Growing Croton in container


New Growth on Croton on rainy season


Check out another Croton plant with beautiful foliage.

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