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Best Tips For Growing Curry Plant ( Murraya Koeningii ) / Curry Patta at Home

Oct 11, 2013
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Curry Plant (  Murraya koenigii) is world famous deciduous shrub grown for its aromatic and pungent leaves. It is native to south India and known as “Curry Patta “ / “Sweet Neem” in India . It can grow up to 18 feet. Its leaves are used in almost every dish prepared in Indian household. It is so much strong that only one leaf can add smell and desired flavor to any dish. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for its antidiabetic and antioxidant properties for the years. Also it is assumed to beneficial for digestive system. It bears small fragrant white flower which turns into black berry fruit after pollination.



Curry plant can be grown from both seeds as well as cuttings. Remove hard shell to expose seeds or sink them in water over night before sowing. Use freshly picked seeds as they may germinate quicker. Seeds need at least 20° C to germinate.

Taking cuttings is quicker way to get Curry plant. Take softwood or semi hard wood (unmatured green twigs) and dip in some rooting hormone or honey. Insert the cuttings few inches deep in ground or pot. Cuttings should have 2-3 leaves on it. Water the pot or ground to keep soil mist.



Use a large container as it is a quick grower plant and will save you from frequent repotting. Container should have adequate number of drainage hole in it to ensure good drainage of water. In container it may take more time to establish itself, so you are advised to have patience.



Curry plant likes well drained soil. Go for loamy soil as it drains really well. Avoid wet or soggy soil.


Sun / Temperature

Curry plant flourishes in full sun or direct sun light. So place your container where it gets direct sun light for most of the day. Keep temperature above 20 -25 ° C always. If grown in warm condition with high light intensity it will require less of winter resting period.


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Curry Patta


Allow soil to dry between each watering cycles. Cut down the watering in winter as it is not growing actively that time and need little water. Too much water in that period can promote root rot.



Feed Curry plant regularly during active growth season ( Spring / Summer ). Feed with slow releasing granular fertilizer every 6 weeks or use diluted liquid fertilizer once a week in growing season.


Winter dormancy

In winter, leaves start getting yellow or fall off the plant. You need not to worry as it is going in dormancy (negligible growth) stage. In spring it comes out of the dormancy and grows again. Cut down the watering during this period.



Pinch the growing tips to get bushier plant. Annual pruning is recommended at starting of growing season so that plant forms more tasty and fresh foliage.

– shared by Nainsi , Mumbai


Nainsi has passion of cooking home grown vegetables. The post comes from her personal experience. She believes every Indian household should try growing Curry plant as it is important part of our cuisine. Currently, she is pursuing her Masters in Business Administration.       


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