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Growing Dianthus in Pots

Nov 22, 2013
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DianthusDianthus is a genus of around 300 species of flowering plants native to Europe and Asia. This genus is known for its beautiful flowers existing in red, purple, white and pink colors. Carnation, Sweet William and Pinks are some commonly found and popular dianthuses. Some believe color pink came from pink dianthus. They are very easy to grow and come as annual, biennial and perennial varieties. 



Dianthus can be propagated from seeds as well as cuttings. Propagation from cuttings gives plants same as mother plant. Take cuttings by making a sharp cut just below a node on a new, unflowered stem. Then put the cuttings in prepared soil mix and cover the container with plastic bag.

Sow seeds in March – April when soil starts to warm. Press seeds 1/8 inch deep and 12 – 18 inches apart in soil. Cover seeds with soil and water daily with sprayer. Seeds should sprout within 2 weeks.

Buy good quality seeds for growing beautiful dianthus plants.



A small to medium sized container can be used as Dianthus are small plants. Make sure container is having adequate number of drainage holes to ensure smooth drainage of water.

one of Dianthus variety


Use well drained soil enriched with organic matter. You can improve soil quality by adding 2 inches of compost and 1 inch of manure in case of poor soil.


Sun / Temperature

Dianthus should get minimum of 4-5 hours of direct sun light.



Allow soil to dry out between two water cycles. Do not overwater the plant. Water Dianthus once a week  with 1 inch of water.  ( Rule of thumb )



Feed the plant with liquid fertilizer every 2 months to promote continuous blooming. Dilute the fertilizer to half strength before using it.



Deadheading (removing dead flowers) is recommended to promote blooming.

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