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Best Tips For Growing Grass Indoors

May 07, 2013
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Growing grass indoors is a great way to welcome spring into your home. In addition, growing grass is a simple thing you can do with your children that they will really enjoy. Not only is it fun to plant the grass seeds, but it’s even more fun to trim the grass once it’s grown. 



Select the appropriate type of grass seed. There are tons of varieties, so choose one that fits your home’s strengths. Rye and Wheat grasses are popular choices for potted arrangements for their thicker blades. Sprinkle the surface of the soil with the grass seeds. Cover the surface almost completely with the seeds, and do not force them  into the soil. Mist the seeds every other day. You should start to see growth within a week, or in some cases within a couple of days.



Find a suitable container. Place a fine layer of gravel or pebbles on the bottom of your container. This will help thewater drain.


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Mix the soil with mulch, if the soil does not have mulch added to it already. Fill the container up to about an inch from the top.


Sun / Temperature

Make sure the seeds get a lot of warm sun. Placing them on a sunny windowsill is best.



After blades are an inch or so in height, water lightly and evenly every few days. I’ve had the best results by watering until the soil is damp but no water is sitting above the soil line.


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