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Growing Jade Plant Indoors

May 19, 2013
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Jade plant (Crassula ovate or argentea) is a shrub native to Hawaii identified by thick stem and spoon or coin shaped fleshy leaves. Succulent in nature Jade plant grows up to 5 feet when grown indoors. Jade plant requires minimal care as it is extreme tolerant of poor and dry soil. It is also known as Chinese rubber plant.

 Jade plant


Jade plant is propagated from leaf and stem cuttings. Take a 2-4 inches stem cutting of a healthy looking stem. Remove the leaves from bottom of the cutting. Leave the cutting in a sunny and bright place to dry it. Wounded place gets covered with a tissue known as callous in 3-4 days. Now dip this end in a rooting hormone or simply in honey and insert into potting mix. Place the pot in a bright and indirect sunlight place. Water it to make the soil slightly moist.



Select container on the basis of plant size. Make sure container is having adequate number of drainage holes at bottom to ensure smooth passage of water out of it.



Use soil mixture available for cacti and succulents in market. You can use regular and well drained soil too. Add compost or peat moss to improve drainage capability of the soil.


Sun/ Temperature

Jade plant thrives in full and direct sunlight. So place Jade plant near window sill where it could get maximum amount of light. However Jade plant tolerates a range of temperatures, anywhere from cool to very hot, so you can place it anywhere in the home. In direct sun light its leaf edge turns red.



Let the soil dry out between waterings rather than keeping soil moist as case with most of the houseplants.



Use balanced fertilizer available for houseplant once in every three to four months.



Swab alcohol or pesticide on bugs to kill them, and then wipe the plant clean. Keep an eye for mealy bugs. They appear on under sides of leaves as a white cotton balls.


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  1. Can you also elaborate on positive aspects of these plants i.e. cleans indoor air etc, for example marigold is acts as good mosquito repellent

    Plants can be more then just decoration.

    • Thanks Lalit for going through our post. As you said these indoor plants are more than just beautification plants. Jade plant in feng sui known as money bringing plant due to its coin shaped leaves also it acts as air purifier like other indoor plants i.e. spider plant, dracaena, golden pothos etc. Go through our blog for more information.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the whole series on indoor plants. Its not easy to find best practices for North India specific plants but this one really helped
    I want to sow Basil (Italian) in a pot. How should I do It and when is the right time and chances of success? Any tips will be if great help.


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