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Best Tips For Growing Jasmine (Mogra)

Apr 18, 2013
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 Jasminum sambac (Mogra) is an evergreen shrub that is grown throughout the tropics. Jasmine bears dark green foliage and white flowers. Flowers bloom at night only and are very fragrant. It is also popularly known as Mogra. The oil extracted from the mogra flowers is used for some of world’s most popular frangrances. Jasminum sambac bloom for 6-9 months out of the year provided good care.



Spring and Summer is best time to start mogra. Use seeds or cuttings to propagate Jasmine. Seed germination occurs from one to three weeks after sowing. Checkout our seed collections for different seasons.

For cuttings, take 4-6 inches long cuttings of semi hard wood ( stems of shrubs after growing season ). Remove flowers or buds from the cuttings because if they are present then would consume much of plant’s energy  rather than developing roots. Keep a pair of leaves on cutting and strip the rest. Dip the cutting into rooting hormone and stick its two thirds of the length in the soil. Moist the soil. Cover the cutting with plastic bag if you don’t have green house and mist regularly. Do not expose cuttings to direct sun light instead put the container in bright light indoors and harden it for some time. Know best months to start different flower plants in India.


care mogra flower

Pot / Container

The pot should offer good drainage with one large hole or several smaller ones. Jasmine prefer evenly moist soil, so don’t choose terra cotta or clay pots, especially in hotter and drier climate as outer layers of soil will dry out too quickly.



Jasmine requires a fast-draining rich organic potting mix that is slightly acidic. The mix should not contain regular garden soil. You can purchase a high quality houseplant mix or make your own. Add perlite, peat moss and coconut husk coir to make one.


Sun / Temperature

Ordinarily, container-grown Jasmine grow best in dappled sunlight or morning sun and afternoon partial shade. In cooler months it needs more sun. Keep freshly repotted plant in bright, indirect light for a few days as direct sunlight can stress it. Jasmine should get at least 6 hrs of sun light.



Water the plant until water comes out the drainage holes. Then water it again. Don’t let the water stand in the drip tray otherwise it will waterlog the soil. Allow soil to dry out before watering. Watering needs vary according to weather and growing conditions. In summer Jasmine will need more water.

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Apply a general purpose fertilizer once a month from March through November. Avoid fertilizer during winters.



Don’t forget to prune your jasmine once it has bloomed. The fragrant flowers will only last for one day once they have opened their petals. Regular trimming of mogra flower will help encourage the growth of new wood, and only new growth will produce more flowers. During rainy season mogra plant shows new growth on it.

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17 Responses

  1. should the older branches be cut off? If so, then at what height from the base? the plant remains green throughout the year but its leaves hardly fall off or dry out, so what else to be done w.r.t. pruning so that there is higher flower output?

    • Hi Sameer, you do not need to prune it hard. Just cut off the tips of the branches to 3-4 inches, it will encourage bushiness of the plant. More branches, more flowers.

  2. I bought a jasmine plant and planted in a pot or container. It is been 20-25 days now and the plant is not growing. when I bought earlier the leaves were green it is becoming little yellow now..I also mixed good fertilizer at the time of planting. the pot has drainage holes but the problem is that the moment I pour water to plant the water immediately drain out. Plant also get 4-5 hours of sun light, water twice in a day and good fertilizer as well. I don’t understand what is my mistake as why it is not growing? I am not asking for 50-100 flowers right now but at least one single leaf should grow on it by these 20-25 days…Please help.

    • Hi Suraj, in the current winter season jasmine doesn’t grow actively means it doesn’t put much new leaves and growth. So do not panic. At the end of feb or early march it will grow and put loads of flowers.

      Meantime, do not use fertilizer again till feb end or early march. Also do not water it twice a day, its not required in winter. Just aim to wet the soil not waterlogged. Always remember over watering leads to death of plant.

    • Hello Mr Kumawat,
      Thank you for the information….I am so happy after reading your reply..you know I cannot explain this to you….thank you sooooo much…I was so afraid about the plant…But now I am tension free….I will follow your instruction Sir..thank you so much….god bless u…

    • Hello Kumawat Sir,
      Please also answer my other concern. I also have few other plants in other pots. Pots have 4 drain holes in it and the moment I pour water to plants it drain out. I am worried about this as well. Thank you for your valuable advise.

    • Hi Suraj, this is the case of soil around root ball getting separated from pot sides. It happens when soil is dried out completely and cracks on the soil surface become visible. So whenever you water the plant, it runs out the pot from the space on pot sides. To control you can try couple of things.

      1. Put your pot in shallow dish of water for sometime, this way plant’s root which are dried will soak water from the bottom of the pot.

      2. Add a layer of good quality compost on soil surface as compost increases water holding capacity of soil.

  3. Thanks for all useful infomation. Your plants look nice and good health .I got one from last 15 years and it is nearly 1.5 m hight. It’s mother plant in Srilanka. Very smilly flowers.
    Now , it is blooming some flowers. There are lots of new branchs are coming out, I hope before end of september
    I will get more flowers.
    I am serching a very good fertilizer, but I couldn’t got , because here normaly they do not have commenley jasmine in their home.

  4. i planted mogra right now (november)and used plastic container with drainage holes and made my own potting mix. i made potting mix by reading prom net and used 1:1:1 mixture of red soil, coco peat, and compost. am i correct in choosing potting mix an container??

  5. Hi.

    Can you please elaborate on how to prepare an ideal pot mix for planting mogra. You said mix Perlite, Peat Moss and coconut husk. In what proportion should they be mixed? Should not fertilizer and soil be mixed into it too? if yes, in what proportion. Should the coconust husk be pounded or made into powder before mixing?

    • Hello Alok,

      Thanks for stopping by http://www.designgreenindia.com !!

      If you want to prepare an ideal potting mix at home then mix equal amount of Peat moss or coconut husk, perlite and soil or sand.

      Coconut husk should be made into powder before mixing.

      Fertilizer can be added to that mixture for giving nutrition to plant or you can apply afterwards as liquid fertilizer or granular one.

      Let us know if you need any other help.

      Team Design Green India

  6. I have Indian Jasmine in pots. I live in Georgia USA. There is growth, and the buds start to sprout. But once the bug begins to come up, it wilts away. The bud would turn pink and would not grow completely. Now it is just turning brown. This suddenly started about a month back. It used to flower very well in the past. I have four pots. It started with one and then it started happening in others as well.
    Is this some disease? What should I do to fix it?


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