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Best Tips For Growing Jui ( Jasminum molle ) plant at Home

Aug 17, 2013
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Indian jui


Jui (Jasminum molle) belongs to same oleceae family which also have scented plants like Indian Jasmine (Jasminum sambac) and Spanish Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum). Growing requirements for Jui are more or less similar to what are needed for other Jasminum plants. It is a medium sized fast growing  evergreen shrub which show vine like growth if left unpruned. The plant bears white color scented flower. Leaves are ovate shaped (  generally bigger than Chameli (Spanish Jasmine). It blooms in summer profusely. Jui’s flower are used as worship material in India. Garlands are also made using it. So read below tips for growing Jui at home successfully. It is known by other names like Jai, Yuthika, Banamallika in India.




Jui is propagated from semi hardwood stem cuttings. Semi hardwood cuttings are pieces of plant stem which has matured partially after the current year growth. Take 4-5 inches of stem cutting and dip in rooting hormone or water overnight before planting into soil. Cover the container having cuttings with plastic bag and keep soil moist.

Jui can be grown from seeds too. Seeds can be collected from existing plant itself once pods dry on plant. Know best months to start different flower plants in India.




As Jui is fast growing plant so use medium to large size container otherwise you will require repotting frequently. You can use plastic container too. Container should have good drainage system as the plant doesn’t like water logging.


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Use well drained soil mix. Normal red garden soil also works well. Add vermi culture to enrich soil quality. Slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soil is good for the plant.


Sun /Temperature


Jui like other Jasminum (i.e. Mogra , Chameli ) like warm conditions. It grows best in full sun exposure. 4-6 hrs of sum exposure is good for Jui’s good show of growth. Partial shade will work too.




Keep soil moist. Water regularly but do not over water it. Let water drain from holes at container bottom so that plant roots do not stand in water.




Use normal purpose compost twice a week or liquid fertilizer for boosting bloom. During rainy season Jui plant shows enormous growth on it.


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