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How to Grow Money Plant Indoors

Apr 21, 2013
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 Many animals have a unique advantage of living in two different environments; for instance, a frog can live in both land and water. This distinct property, of surviving in two different environments, is present in some plants also. Money plant (scientific name: scindapsus aureus /Epipremnum aureum) is one of them.

Epipremnum aureum, popularly known as Money plant have unique place in houseplants grown indoors. It is common belief that having Money plant at home brings prosperity. They are climbers by nature, grow up to 12 feet. It doesn’t require extensive care and ideal for beginners. Money plant can be grown without soil in water filled bottles and jars. It is also known as Golden Pothos, silver vine, ivy arum. 

There are some very important points to be understood about the Money Plant:

  • It can be grown in both soil and water, but once planted, the medium cannot be changed.
  • Money plant grown in water is smaller and slender than the one grown in soil.
  • The water in which the plant has been placed needs to be changed frequently (2-3 times per week)
  • The water remains clear once the roots have settled in well.


Money plant is very easy to propagate. Take stem cuttings of existing plant and put in bottles or jars filled with water. In case of transplanting in pot, make a hole in soil and plant it. Money plant can be planted in any season.

 Container/ Pot

Generally medium sized container or pots are used as they are fast grower otherwise you will need to repot the plant frequently. Pot should provide good drainage. For small sized money plant vine, you can use glass or plastic bottles too.

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Either you choose soil or soil less cultivation, both works well. If you are planting in pots then select well drained, aerated soil. Normal garden red soil worked for me too. Or use soil used for cacti plantation. Keep the soil slightly moist. Put a support like bamboo in soil, it helps money plant to climb.

Sun / Temperature

Money plant can grow in direct sun light as well as indoors in indirect sun light. Too much direct sun light can burn leaves. Partial shaded location is ideal for its growth. If the leaves of the plant are turning yellow, understand that the plant is receiving excessive sunlight.

Money plant requires a temperature range of 15-300


Money plant needs water for good growth. Allow soil to dry out between two watering sessions. Water it once in week in summer and biweekly in winter season. Do not over water it as it will cause roots to rot. If leaves are curling up, turning yellow then it is sign of excessive watering. Keep check on that.


Normally, money plant can survive only on the salts present in water, and does not require added nutrients. But, a nitrate based liquid fertilizer can be used, in evening time only. Money plant is not much prone to lot of pests. However, it can attract ants and mosquitoes. Spray simple water based household Spray like Hit, Sheltox, etc to get rid of ants and mosquitoes.


Trimming dead leaves and branches will encourage new growth. If you want a single long stem, cut off the side shoots. Contrary to it, if you want a fuller plant, cut off the tips at regular interval.

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  1. The chlorinated water usually supplied to houses MAY be detrimental . Better use ordinary bore water. This water should not be too hard with lots of salts.


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