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Best Tips For Growing Mother-in-laws-tongue ( Sanseveria trifoliate ) At Home

Jul 31, 2013
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Sanseveira trifoliate

Mother-in-laws- tongue (Sanseveria trifoliate ) plant is one of the few plants which are difficult to kill by under watering.The plant got its nick  name due to its long sharped leaves. It requires minimal light and water and in winter can be left alone on their own as it is a succulent ( plants which store water in their leaves).The plant also act as air purifier. So go ahead and  follow below tips for including Mother-in-laws tongue plant in your houseplant family successfully. These plant also known as snake plant or sword plant. Mother-in-laws-tongue plant differs from snake plant in having yellow border leaves.





It is best grown through leaf cuttings.  A leaf cutting is basically a section of leaf without any stem part. Cut 4-5 inches section of healthy leaves and let them dry for at least 24 hrs. When you observe wounds calloused (callus is group of cells which grow on wound spots)  over then prepare for planting.


Container / Pot

Use medium sized pot/ container as they are quick grower and may require frequent repotting while using small sized pot / container.



Use well drained loose potting soil mix. They will do well in sandier soils too.


Sun / Temperature

Sanseveria can grow in bright light to light shade but it is good not to expose them in direct sun. Also temperature below 50° F can be detrimental for growth.



Water once in a month is summer. In winter Sanseveria do not need watering.



Fertilize with cactus fertilizer in growing season otherwise the plant do not need any fertilizer.



Repot in the spring season.  As Sanseveria are quick grower , may need repotting or dividing annually.


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