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Grow Pansy in a Pot

Apr 04, 2014
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Pansy is a hardy annual known for its face like blooms. Pansy blooms in all four season – spring, summer, fall and winter with different shades of yellow, pink, red, blue and violet. Sometimes grown as biennials pansy doesn’t get much tall restricting itself to 6-8 inches only. So these are ideal for ground covers and container gardening.

growing pansy in pots


Pansy is propagating from seeds.  Seeds can be sown late winter  (Dec-Jan) or in summer (Apr-June). Low temperature favors quick germination. Seeds germinate in about 2 weeks.Know best months to start different flower plants in India

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As Pansy  is small height plant so small sized container / pot (10 inches) can be used. The container should have 3-4 drainage holes to ensure drainage of water out of it to avoid water logging and root rot.


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Pansy grows in any type of well drained and organic matter rich soil. Add a layer of garden compost to enrich the soil with nutrients.

Sun/ Temperature

Pansy best grows in full sun, but it can be grown in partial shade too. Pansy thrives in cool temperature, warm and humid weather results in less number of blooms.


Water pansy regularly. Do not let soil gets dry. Do not over water it too.


Use normal purpose fertilizer. As general rule feed more frequently when the plant is growing actively and putting up new growth. Avoid N-based fertilizer as it gives plant leggy look.

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