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Growing Petunias in Pots / Containers

Oct 03, 2013
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Petunias have been one of the most popular annual flowering plants. They are quick growing and known for beautiful blooms. Blooms are available in pink, purple ,red, white and yellow color. Petunia seeds can be started when temperature is cool.  Petunias are very easy to grow and care. It is not a heightened plant, growing 6 inches to 4 feet max. They are perfect choice for hanging baskets and planters. You can tuck Petunias in between shrubs to add a pinch of color. Wave petunia has made this plant more popular. Follow the below tips for successful growing.


Petunia's seedPetunia is propagated from seeds as well as cuttings.   Petunia seeds are very small so one need to take extra efforts while sowing.  Prepare potting mix/ soil before sowing the seeds. Water the container / Pot thoroughly and allow it to drain. Sprinkle seeds on well drained soil and gently push them down.  Do not cover Petunia seeds with soil as they need light to germinate.
Or take softwood ( not matured , green stem ) cuttings in spring or summer. Remove most of leaves but 2 leaves on the top. Remove all the buds as they drain all the energy. Push cuttings down in soil / Potting mix. Cover the container having cuttings with plastic bag to save moisture for plant. Moist the soil if it  dry out. Know best months to start different flower plants in India.


You can use small sized container as Petunia are low grower. It doesn’t need much space to grow.  Make sure container is having drainage holes for better drainage space.

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Use normal purpose garden soil enriched with good quality compost.  Light sandy soil is ideal. Petunia like neutral to slightly acidic soil ( pH 6.0 – 7.0 ).

Flush of blooms on PetuniaSun / Temperature

Petunia like warm weather and thrives in full sun.  Also grow in partial shade but bloom in less number. So keep the container in the sunny location.


Keep soil moist. Allow soil to dry out between waterings. When leaves get droop, water the plant, after watering Petunia will be again standing straight. Do not over water as it will induce root rot and invite bacterial and fungus infection.


Use a  liquid fertilizer once in a month and every two weeks for heavy feeder varieties.
Shared by Jay Vadi, Gandhinagar
Jay Vadi is a gardening enthusiast and regular visitor of Design Green India from Gandhinagar. Plant biotechnology is his field of interest. He has grown many plants using tissue culture at his home.


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8 Responses

  1. Jai, nice to read your article. I have tried to grow petunias for the first time in pots. Since past one month, however, its been a struggle. They had flowers for a while, but suddenly, all of the plants stopped flowering around December. Now all I could see was green leaves. I cut back most of the stems to 1/3rd, to encourage fresh growth. But the new growth seems a bit slower. When will they recover in growth and what should I do to get them to flower again?

  2. Hi, Dear friend, the reason behind not flowering could be less sun light and low temperature in winter as petunia blooms in warm and bright location so kindly relocate petunia to a warm and sunny place if you are growing in a container. If it doesn’t help then feed petunia with a potassium based fertilizer or give liquid fertilizer diluted in water available for flowering in market.
    You have also mentioned about pruning so be patient as pruning will definitely result in new growth as well as new blooms in 2-3 weeks most probably.

  3. Hi Jay..
    Thanks for the info. I have been willing to plant petunia from so long. I even asked in nearby nursery for the seeds nd time for planting. They wr telling totally opposite like petunias need to be planted during light winters and they die till April on their own. I was so disheartened . I wanted to make my diy tire planter with them. Please help

    • Hello Prachi,

      Thanks for writing to us.

      Unfortunately there was incorrect information put up regarding Petunia sowing time . It can be started when temperature is cool i.e September onwards, you do not required to wait till year end to start it.

      We regret for incorrect fact put up regarding the same.

      Team Design Green India

  4. Hi Jay, I got Petunia plant and got numerous small seeds from the flowers buds after the flower died away.
    I have sowed these seeds in a low boat shape planter but till now they haven’t germinated.
    I am spraying water each nornong and evening.
    Can you please suggest.


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