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How to grow Rose plant at home

Mar 26, 2013
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Grow rose at home

 Roses (a shrub from the genus Rosa from family Rosaceae), symbol of love, owns their importance everywhere, every time. They are known for their beauty, their fragrance, and sometimes, for their thorns. But, strangely enough, they have never been known for their simplicity. Simplicity in cultivating them, simplicity in growing them! Few next lines of this article deals with simplicity of the techniques used to grow roses, which might surprise you, not only with their beauty and fragrance, but also with their simplicity in cultivating.



The best way of propagating rose is taking cuttings. Take semi softwood cutting in current growing season.  Make a cut just above a leaf node. Clip off all leaves but 1-2 at top. Dip the cutting in rooting gel or powder. You can use honey too for the same purpose. Make a 2-3 inches deep hole in potting mix with help of a pencil. Place the cutting in the hole and cover it with a plastic bag. Plastic bag saves the cuttings moisture over the time.  Check the soil for moisture whenever it gets dry, water it slightly. Keep the container in partial shade or out of direct sunlight.

Best time for starting bare root rose (rose plant without any leaves, brown roots and dormant stem ) is late winter.  Container rose can be started in spring (March- May). Know best months to start different flower plants in India.

Here is detailed tips on taking cuttings from rose bush.



Rose generally grows as a bush so choose the container accordingly. If you do not want to have trouble of re potting again and again then go for a large sized container. Apart from size of container, ensure that your container has adequate number of holes. Rose doesn’t like standing in water. Put small pieces of bricks or stones on drainage holes to ensure this.



Rose will grow in any type of well drained soil enriched with organic matter.  Use compost, cow manure, dried leaves to enrich soil.The best pH range for roses is 6-7, which means slightly acidic (Mostly garden soil has this range). Loamy soil is best for the cultivation of roses. Not to forget, there are more than hundred varieties of roses and all needs, at least some different treatment, as far as their cultivation is dependant. Buy best organic soil conditioner here.


Sun / Temperature

Rose loves light. It needs at least 6 hrs of direct sunlight. Morning sun is best but light afternoon shade can be beneficial in hotter areas.

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Rose like humidity, so mist the plant in morning alternate days or twice a week. Do not do this in afternoon as it will invite diseases. Water regularly and keep the soil moist always. Avoid shallow sprinkling as water doesn’t reach to roots and will invite fungus.  But do not over water it  as it will induce root rot.

Use mulch to conserve water and reduce stress.  Apply 2 – 4 inch layer of chopped, dried  leaves or shredded bark around the base of your plant , it act as mulch and maintain humidity around the plant.



Roses also need regular feeding of fertilizers, a balanced granular one. Avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides, especially, if you are growing it in your house garden. An additional Epsom salt (chemically, MgSO4 or magnesium sulfate) is extremely good to induce the growth of this plant.



Roses should be cut back in either spring or fall season, but never in mid summers. Take out all old or unhealthy looking leaves and twigs. Wear gloves while doing the pruning.  Generous pruning creates more flowers on the plant.  Check this out to get rose pruning tips in detail.





Overwintering is process of saving plant in winter for next season. Colder areas where temperature goes down in negative it is a must process. For this , do not prune rose in fall (Sept – Nov). Just cut off any dead or diseased twigs or branch.  Stop fertilizing in winter. Cover the rose base ground with straw, compost, dry wood chips etc.



Rose is prone to white flies and mealy bug attack. Use soapy water to control it.


White fly seen under side of a rose leaf

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