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Best tips for growing Silver Jade plant / Crassula arborescence at home

May 24, 2014
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Silver Jade ( Crassula arborescence) Plant is a closely related cultivar of Crassula ovata ( Jade Plant). It differs from Jade plant in having silver gray leaves with red edges.  Blooms in late spring or early summer. Blooms are white or nearly white colored. Growing requirements are almost same as needed by Jade plant as both succulent belong to same genus. It is also known as ‘Blue Bird Jade’ Below are some useful tips.


Crassula arborescensSilver Jade plant can be propagated by leaf cuttings, stem cuttings   or    directly from seeds.  Take a healthy looking leaf and put it on soil   surface slightly pushing less wide part into  the  soil. Keep soil moist   and place the container having leaf cutting in shaded place.

Propagation from stem cuttings is same as used for other   succulents.  Take a 3-4 inches  long stem cutting; let it dry for some   days to save it   from any kind of potential infection.   Once it has   dried, insert leaf   cutting into potting mix. Moist the soil and keep the  container having  leaf cutting in shaded place until it is rooted.


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Silver jade plant grows very compactly so small or medium sized  container will work. Make sure container is having good drainage  system otherwise leaves will rot in standing water.


Well drained garden soil mix will do or buy cactus potting mix from market.

Sun / Temperature

Silver Jade plant prefers full sun or bright filtered light. But it can be grown in partial to full shaded place too. It requires minimum 4 hours of direct sun light. Plants grown in sun can withstand higher temperature than those grown in poor light. In winter Silver jade plant should be protected from cold wind.


Soil should be kept moist but not wet. In winter allow soil to dry between watering. Do not splash water on leaves. They are drought tolerant plants.


Feed once every three to four months. You can use a liquid houseplant fertilizer will do. For newly repotted plants wait till four months, don’t feed right away.


While growing indoors, avoid over watering otherwise it is well suited indoor plant. Can be infected by mealy bugs, wipe them off using cotton or cloth dipped in alcohol.

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