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Best Tips For Growing Spider plant At Home

Aug 07, 2013
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Spider plant  (Chlorophytum comosum) are one of the most popular and easiest houseplants to grow. Best suited for the beginners who do not have much skills of gardening. The plant is characterized by arching clumps of grass like leaves.  They got their name due to offshoots/ spiders getting developed at end of long runners ( type of stem which grow horizontally close to ground and produce roots or shoots at nodes)  . Spider plant bears whiter flowers too.These air purifier plants are native to South Africa. Follow below tips for best results.




Spider plant can be easily propagated through plantlets / offshoots developed at the end of one of long runners. Snip off these plantlets and root in water or directly plant into the pot. Make sure plantlet has minimum 4-6 leaves before snipping it off.


Container / Pot

Spider plants are generally grown in hanging pots/ container. You can use medium sized pot as they usually do not need yearly repotting , spider plant uses most of its energy in producing plantlets.

 Spider plant


Use well drained potting soil mixture of garden loam, peat moss and sand.


Sun / Temperature

Do not put spider plant in direct sun light . Direct sunlight scorches the leaves of spider plant. Place it in shady or semi shady area. Avoid complete dark location too as it  can cause demarking of leaves. The ideal location is suspended near a window so it will receive indirect sun light. Room temperature should not be less than 65° F.



Allow plant to dry out before watering.  Cut down the watering if foliage is turning black. Brown leaves show lack of humidity, mist the plant in this case.



Feed spider plant with water soluble pant food once in every two weeks during spring and summer. Stop feeding in fall and winter.



As said before Spider plant doesn’t need yearly repotting. However when repotting use fresh potting soil mix.


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