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Best Tips for Growing Zinnia at Home

Dec 24, 2013
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Zinnia's colorful bloom
Zinnia is one of easily grown annual known for its beautiful and colored flowers. Zinnia’s blooms are daisy like flower heads. The plant is grown directly from seeds and grows up to 4 feet.  Follow the below tips for growing Zinnia successfully at home.
Zinnia is propagated from seeds. Sow the seeds anytime in late April to May in warm environment. Spread soil over the seeds such that it covers the seeds partially as Zinnia seeds need light to germinate. Moist the soil and cover the pot / container with plastic bag to maintain humidity level around seeds. Seeds should sprout within a week.
Use medium sized container with adequate number of drainage holes as Zinnia doesn’t like to stand in water. Put rocks or brick pieces on drainage holes to ensure smoother water drainage out of container.

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The best thing about Zinnia is that it can be grown into any type of soil. Soil can be sandy, loamy anything. But it should be well drained. Add leaves mold, compost to the soil for better results.
Sun/ Temperature
Zinnia loves sun. They thrives in full direct sun with some afternoon shade.
Keep the soil always moist. It is always good to water plant in morning as it allows the sun to dry the soil and leaves preventing any infection or disease.
Use normal purpose liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength or granular slow releasing fertilizer.
Deadheading (clipping dead flowers ) is recommended to encourage blooming. If taller varieties start to bend then use a stake to give the plant support.
Zinnia doesn’t have any major insect problem, however it is susceptible to mildew causing foliage to discolor. It happens due to wet and high humid condition so avoid over watering the plant. Also check for Botrytis blight, a gray mold which attacks flower bud and leaves. Removing those affected parts is only measure for controlling this fungus. A good air circulation also helps controlling it.


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