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Best tips for pruning bush (hybrid tea and floribunda) roses

Feb 23, 2014
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Pruning roses

Roses are required to prune every year depending on the type of the rose. If left unpruned, rose will get big and straggly only to bear fewer blooms at heights that become out of reach after some time. Pruning counters this problem by encouraging new and vigorous growth with more blooms.


All roses are pruned in same way; the only difference lies in the time depending on the type of the rose. Bush roses (both hybrid tea and floribunda) which bloom on new wood are pruned on starting of the growing season in spring.  You can look for certain flowering habits for differentiation between types of the rose.


Hybrid tea roses are large and one stem have only one bloom on it where as floribunda roses are comparatively smaller and more than one on a stem.


Here are some rose pruning basics.


  • Always use thorn proof garden gloves and sharp pruning tools (secateurs, pruning saw).
  • Remove all dead, diseased and damaged stems first.
  • Cut all crossing stem in centre of the rose bush as they could damage other stem. Pruning from centre open the rose bush base for better light and aeration. All cuts should be made at 45 ° angle just above an outward facing bud. Cuts should be clean and sharp not ragged.



Read Also : How to take cuttings from rose bush.



Hybrid tea rose

  • For hybrid tea (large flowered) roses, cut back all the stems (both new and old) by about half their length.


  • In case of floribunda (cluster flowered) roses, cut back old stems to the base and prune back younger stems to about 18 inches (45 cm).


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