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Best Tips for rooting Money plant in water

Oct 20, 2013
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Money plant is one of few plants which can be directly rooted in water and may be this is the reason of its popularity among naive gardeners. Below is the step by step information of rooting money plant vine in the water.

1. Select a healthy looking money plant vine. The vine which you select for taking cuttings should not be having any visible damage, infection on it.

2. Make a clear, sharp cut at 45 degree angle on just above   a  node. ( node is the distinct visible joint on the vine   from where leaves emerge)

3. The cutting should have minimum 2-3 lodes on it.   However in case of money plant you can have as many leaves as you want. Buy Falcon Pruners/ Secateurs online.


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4.  Put the cutting in a soft drink bottle ( cut from top ) or   jar filled with water. Water should be clean and clear. Avoid using dirty water as it can have harmful bacteria   in it.

  5.Keep the small outgrowth at nodes below the water level, these outgrowths (sometimes called nodes only) grow into roots. In 1-2 weeks roots will start developing.

6.Put the above jar or bottle on shaded place where money plant gets indirect sun light.

7.  Keep changing water as soon as you find it turbid or better change it every week.

8.  If you want then add few drops of nitrate based liquid fertilizer to it.  



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19 Responses

  1. Hi Design Green India

    I tried growing money pant indoors but the growth is stagnant. Niether are they growing nor are they dying (leaves arent yellow or black,no drooping). These are the following conditions in which we kept it. Let me know if anything was wrong :
    Its kept in a glass jar now and before was kept in a plastic bottle. I thought plastic bottle could be the reason for no growth so changed to glass.
    We changed water once in every 2 weeks.
    Its kept in the kitchen away from sunlight.
    Roots have developed.

    We live in Qatar in an apartment so gardening in soil is tough. Should I have changed it to soil once the roots developed?

  2. hey there,
    I want to propagate hedge to make an array. I guess the variety of hedge is privet(it looks like that as on google images), it has yellowish green leaves which are yellow for the ones under direct sunlight and dark green for the ones under the shade of the tree. How do i do it. Once, i had tried propagating through cutting but it failed miserably and all leaves of the cuttings dried out. I live in jharkhand(ranchi) and the soil here is rich in iron. I also have a good supply of cow manure. Please help me out as early as possible for i guess it would be best to do it in monsoon now.

  3. Hi

    We went off on vacation for a week and we returned back to a drooping looking money plant. We are based in Dubai and in our absense our maid has been watering the plant. However, the only issue we saw is the ac or fan was not kept on to keep the room cool. Am really depressed! Plz advice how can i help my money plant – thanks

  4. Hi,

    I have placed three money plant vines in water almost two and half weeks back, however rots have appeared only on one vine and there is no sing of roots in the rest two. What could be the reason.. I placed them in water bottles as mentioned in the article and change waster daily.
    When can i change the vine with roots into a pot?

    • Madhuri, root would appear in rest of two plant vines also. It may take some more days. Changes water atleast twice a week.

      When you notice 2-3 roots coming out the wine and they are 6 -12 inches long, you can transplant them to soil in pot.

  5. I have planted moneyplants in water,in glass jar.The growth is fine.But now a days the plant has been developing ugly looking hanging,long roots.How can I solve it?

    • Hafsa, those long hanging roots shouldn’t be a problem as money plant develop that kind of roots only into water. You can change water frequently say once a week so that water is clean always.

  6. i bought two small money plants from the nursery plantation farm….25days back….
    and planted the plants in soil nd 1 in a tin can pot with holes in bottom……
    bt yet now there is no new leafs or signs of new growth…..
    plz suggest me an advice.


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