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Best Tips for treating Mealy bugs infestation on plants

Oct 27, 2013
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Mealy bugs infection on Cestrum
Mealy bug visible on Cesturm leaf

Mealy bugs and Aphids are the insects which every gardener should be aware of. Both of the insects tend to feed on indoor plants. So you should be always looking for early signs of infection by regularly monitoring the plants. Below are tips for identifying mealybugs and treating their infection on the plants.


Mealy bugs


Mealy bugs are scale insects having fringes around their bodies. They secrete a wax powdery layer around themselves which makes them look as they have been coated with floor or meal, that’s why they are known as Mealy bugs. This layer is the reason that they are so hard to kill. Mealy bugs are plant sap drinking plant which makes leaves distorted and yellowing. They produce a sugary substance called honeydew which attracts ants and encourages growth of a fungus called black mold.


Identifying Mealy bugs


Mealy bugs colony underside of Cestrum leaf

Mealy bugs are small (one tenth of an inch) fringed body insects identified by white powdery coat around their body giving them small white cotton balls appearance. They generally hide on under leaves or can be spotted on stem joints (nodes).


Treating Mealy Bugs infection


1. Wash mealy bugs away with a strong blast of water. A steady and strong stream of water can dislodge mealy bugs easily. Keep checking under leaves, joints and repeat the process if infection persists.


2. Wash the plant with detergent mix water, this will cover the bugs and suffocate them. You may repeat it many times depending upon severity of infestation.


3. Press mealy bugs with cotton soaked with rubbing alcohol and swipe them away.


4. Spray the plants with insecticidal soap. It is made up of mild detergent and pyrethroids.


5. Use mealy bugs specific pesticide for immediate result but this method is not recommended because it a temporary method of controlling mealy bugs.


6. In case of severe infestation discard the plant part or whole plant itself to prevent the infestation spreading to other nearby plants.


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