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Easily Growing Flower Plants

Sep 26, 2015
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India is a versatile country and similarly, its soil has lot of variety. Hence, the indoor plants which can be grown in India have also a lot of variety. It is really hard to select the top plants, but these are the most common one.

Basil or Tulsi

It is a sacred, highly devoted plant and found in most of the Hindu houses. It is also well known for its medicinal use. Saplings are grown in warm season, although it needs water in plenty of amount. Undoubtedly, it holds first position in Indian houses due to religious significance. The best season to cultivate is July- August. Tulsi prefers a temperature range of 250 C to 300 C, and well dug fertile soil with good air circulation. Read detailed growing tips for Tulsi.



It is also a plant which is offered to God during religious ceremonies, and hence,maintains its significance. Soil rich in humus and plenty of sunlight favors its growth. It is grown in the month of July –August. Read detailed growing tips for Marigold.


Money plant

According to Indians, money grows where money plant grows. Hence, this plant is also quite popular in Indian houses. It is easiest plant to cultivate, as it can be grow by using a stalk in a bottle filled with water. Moreover, it needs almost no sunlight. Read detailed growing tips for Money plant.


Roses are best known for its variety. They are best grown in the end of the summer, and reach their best in light winter. It is best grown in fertile loamy soil. Read best tips for growing Rose bush at home.




It is a climber plant, which grows like bush on top of walls and gates, rendering enormous beauty to the houses. It is highly popular in India, as it needs very less care and water both, grows rapidly and comes up with lot of flowers. Ideal temperature for bougainvillea is from 160 C to 380 C. They need slightly acidic soil with pH ranges from 5.5 to 6. Read detailed growing tips for Bougainvillea.



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