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Easy Growing Vegetables

Jun 03, 2015
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Thankfully, cultivation is not rocketing engineering. More surprisingly, it is much simpler than expected. Here are some small tips to tell you how to grow and care for vegetables in your garden, even at your balcony or at your terrace. We start with the most common vegetables.


There are few things a man can take from potatoes. They are very friendly, as they mix with almost every other vegetable, and they are very simple. Just one thing, the sown area must be hilled up, because potatoes need additional loose soil area so they can swell. Hilling also prevents them from weeds. Potatoes can withstand few dry days, but they require adequate amount of water. Potatoes expand more easily in loose, well-aerated, loamy soil than a compact one. Addition of organic matter likes leaves, hay, peat- moss or manure definitely helps.



A cylindrical fruit from the family cucurbitaceae, and a creeping vine, is one of the main ingredients of salad and pickles. Cucumbers need warm season, temperature around 210 C and slightly alkaline or neutral soil. Light, sandy soil is the most preferred one.



Famous for its enormous variety, it also holds its reputation in botany, as this vegetable is researched and experimented most. Although, it is highly important for botany students, it maintains its dignity between common


people also. It is a crop of cool season that grows well in springs at temperature ranging between 45 F to 65 F. Preferred soil is slightly acidic (pH range of 6 to 6.5), loose, loamy and sandy added up with good humus content and organic matter.



It is one another vegetable which can be grown comfortably in your houses. It is also a cool seasoned crop with a huge variety. Soil pH should be maintained around 5.5 to 6 (which means slightly acidic). Seeds must be planted ½ inches deep 1-2 inches apart. Keep the soil moist for better germination of the seeds.



Beans are tender and fresh, requires less care and comes up in huge quantities. Seeds are sown after spring, when the soil temperature is about 48-500 F.


Cole Crops:

This crop maintains its due respect due to genetics, and because of its huge variety. Cole crops require soils that have continuous water throughout the season. Well drained, sandy loam soils are most suited one to early varieties, while loamy and clay loam soils are suited to late varieties like broccoli.


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