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How to Grow Flower Plants (Annual) at Home

Mar 28, 2014
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Tagetus, Marigold

A plant that grows, blooms and forms seeds within a year is called as annual plant. In other words, an annual plant grows and dies within a year. Annuals are integral part of a home garden as they come in different color and add a pinch of color to any garden.

Example : Marigold (Tagetes), Salvia, Petunia, Zinnia, Pelargonium,Begonia


Border of tagetus and petunia


Types of Annuals

Annuals are mainly divided into 3 categories – Hardy, Half Hardy and Tender.

  • Hardy annuals are sown directly into the soil in autumn as they can tolerate low temperature. In late spring or early summer they flowers.
  • Half hardy annuals can’t survive low temperature so they shouldn’t be planted directly into the soil in autumn or winter. They are best grown when planted or started in late spring.


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  • Tender annuals are raised in green house and they flowers early in the year.

If you are planning to purchase the plants or seedlings from local nurseries then below things should be taken care of before purchasing.

  • Plant leaves should look fresh. Avoid any plant having visible scar or damage on it.
  • Leaves shouldn’t be yellow or brown. These are signs of starvation.
  • Soil should be moist but not waterlogged.

Sowing temperature

Most of the annuals are sown in mid spring [mid March- early Arpil in India] when temperature is neither very high nor very low.

Soil Requirements

Generally annuals do not need very fertile soil. A fine layer of soil spread during the time of planting or sowing is enough for most of the annuals.

Add a layer of mulch around plant base. Composted bark, chipped bark, garden compost, dried leaves, grass clippings and straws can be used as mulching materials.

Feeding requirements

When plant is actively growing then add potassium [K] based fertilizer to enhance flowering on the plant.


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