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Tips for Growing Flower Plants ( Perennials) at Home

Apr 26, 2014
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Plants which grow for many years are known as perennials.  Perennials need more care than annuals as they are supposed to be grown for longer time.

Most of perennials are herbaceous and die back to the ground level during winter months. In spring they put on new growth and leaves again. However, some perennials do not drop leaves in winter and stay evergreen throughout the year.

Some perennials like Euphorbia rigida, Primula vulgaris, Viola odorata flower in winter making them ideal choice for a winter garden.



Most of the perennials are sold as potted plants. They can be planted anytime of the year. However, spring or autumn is the best time for their planting. If you are planning to purchase a pot grown plant then buy one in small pot (around 3-4 inch). Plant should not be pot bound (roots should not grown out of drainage holes of pot).  A pot bound plant shows that it has been kept in the pot for long time. Always look for a fresh, healthy, weed free plant.


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Growing perennials from seeds is a cheap and cost effective way. Sow seeds in early spring for best result. Perennials grown from seeds come in flowering in first year itself or by next summer.


Soil Requirements

As perennials are supposed to be grown in a permanent location, so the soil should be fertile. Prepare the ground before planting the plant. Dig it up to 8-10 inches and add farm yard manure or good quality garden compost. You can add a base dressing of a slow fertilizer such as bonemeal.


Water Requirements

Water the newly planted plants thoroughly. In dry weather or summer water them regularly.


Feeding Requirements

Once established, plants do not require regular feeding. If they are grown in a poor soil or overcrowded then apply a balanced fertilizer in spring or when they are growing actively.



Continuous flowering perennials require deadheading. Deadheading is the process of removing dead flowers on the plant. Remove fading flower just above first leaf down the stem using thumb and finger. This encourage more and better flowering.

When plant starts to drop its leaves then cut the plant back to the ground level in early spring.


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