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How to Grow Beans at Home

Feb 05, 2017
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Beans are summer season vegetable with short life cycle and easy to grow and maintain. Growing beans is good for soil fertility too as special bacteria found in its roots takes nitrogen from the surrounding and converts it to ammonia, a form of the nitrogen which plant can use. Apart from that beans are rich source of protein. Follow below tips to grow beans at home.

Sowing From Seed

Certain easy-to-grow plants do best when sown directly in the garden, because they have delicate root systems or taproots that make successful transplantation from containers difficult. Beans are best grown from seeds. Check out our quality beans seeds collection.

Step 1 : Soil Preparation

Start by preparing the soil. Remove weeds, then loosen the soil with a spading fork, shovel upto 4 inch deep. Add a complete fertilizer ( Vermicompost , Cow Manure etc) and finally smoothen the soil with a rake. Moisten the bed thoroughly a few days before you intend to plant. At sowing time, the soil should be moist but not soggy or waterlogged.

Step 2 : Seed Sowing

Scatter pinches of seed as evenly as possible. Cover these seeds with thin layer of soil about 1/8th inch just to cover the seed. Water the area with a fine spray using sprayer. Avoid giving water directly to seeds as it could displace the seeds. Keep the soil surface moist but not dripping wet until seeds sprout

In 7-10 days seeds should be germinated. After germination irrigate everyday till seedlings are 1-2 inches tall. Thin out the overcrowded seedlings until seedlings are 6 inches apart while they are still small; If you wait too long to thin, the plants will develop poorly, and you’ll have a harder time removing an individual plant without disturbing those around it.

Pots / Grow Bags

Use plastic or any ceramic pot. Pot should have drainage holes at bottom to ensure good drainage. Use grow bags if you want. Grow Bags have certain advantages over traditional pots as they are light weight, easy to relocate and reusable over the years. Choose pots or grow bags of wide mouth for growing beans. This provide seedlings enough space to grow.


Sandy loamy soil rich in organic matter is ideal for growing bottle gourd. Soil should be well drained. If this type of soil is not available then use soil less medium like coco peat mixed with cow manure and sand.

Sun / Temperature

Ideal growing temperature for beans is 25-30°C. Bean plant loves sunlight. Make sure bean plant is getting atleast 4-6 hrs of direct sunlight.


Give bean plants water regularly. Do not let soil or coco peat gets dry.


Beans are very easy growing vegetable. They require minimum care. Within 60-75 days blooms and fruits (beans) appear on the plant. As beans are climbing plant, provide them some support like fencing, wall, stakes, trellis to grow vertically. Bloom are small and bear pod within 2-3 days of successful pollination.

Beans are susceptible to aphid and pod borers. Regularly watering and supply of nutrients will keep pests and other diseases away from the plant. Use commercially available pesticides in case of severe pest attack. Buy branded complete fertilizer for your plants.

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