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How to prune flower plants (Rose / Mogra / Bougainvillea)

May 08, 2015
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Pruning is the process of removal of the unwanted plant parts. It is done, either to improve the health of the plant or simply, for aesthetic reasons, to improve the look of the plant. In every sense, it is a form of art and leads to formation of a good plant, if done nicely.

Importance of pruning:

  • It improves plant’s overall health. Cutting the diseased part of the plant make it healthier and more energized.
  • It gives a new shape and size to the plant, because pruning controls and direct new growth.
  • It prevents the spreading of the disease.
  • Pruning compensates for the loss of roots, as it balances the root and shoot system. In this way, plant does not have to bear more weight.
  • Pruning improves air circulation; especially underlying leaves can get more sunlight after pruning.


Pruning of roses:

rose prunning



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The right time to prune roses is in the month of February or March. Some general tips for pruning roses are as follows.

  • Make a cut not more than 5 mm above the bud and in a sloping way, so that water should not get collected into it.
  • Cuts must be clean, which means that your cutting tools need to be sharp enough.
  • Cut all the diseased and dead stems.
  • Poorly flowering old wood and old stubs that have failed to produce new shoots should also be cut down.


Pruning in some other flowers:

Bougainvillea :

This plant can be pruned at any time of the year, but the best time considered is very early spring. Late pruning can affect flower production, while early pruning can kill the new growth.

bougain prunning


This plant is known for its fragrance. When new growth appears on young plants, pinch out the top 3 inch of the stems by squeezing them between your thumb and finger. It promotes rapid growth and lush foliage.

mogra prunning


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