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Hydroponics For Beginners

Aug 23, 2015
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How Hydroponics works ?

Hydro means water, and the overall term “Hydroponics” means “working water” or “effective water”. It is a recent technology, in which, plants are grown without soil, and only in water. But, this water is just more than “simple water”. The pH of the water is balanced using suitable chemicals, and nutrients, in soluble form, are mixed into it.

Plants have to spent a lot of energy to withdraw nutrients from the soil. In hydroponics, plants spent less energy to withdraw nutrients and gets adequate and optimum amount of nutrient, because the water has been “pre-designed”.

We can use different amount of nutrients and different pH of the water, depending on the need of the plant. The plants are grown in an inert growing medium, which is perfectly balanced. Here, growing medium means the medium in which the roots of the plant are growing. Growing medium can be Rockwool, perlite, vermiculite, gravel, coconut fiber and many others.



The major constituents for almost every plant are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (commonly known as NPK). The major difference in hydroponics and other regular fertilizers lies in the amount. Soil provides a lot of nutrients, but they may be more than adequate, and sometimes less than it. Contrary to it, the amount of nutrients are measured and optimum for the plant.

Advantages of this technique lie in its simplicity and effectiveness. You have to give less care to your beloved plants, and the result is always fruitful.

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