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Possible reasons of leaf browing

Apr 20, 2013
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Reasons of leaf browning

Leaves turning brown


Leaves browning is main concern of many houseplants and bigger problem is finding the reason of it as there can be many reasons which can result in leaf browning. It can be watering issues, lack of humidity, over fertilization or light problem.


Watering issues

Under watering causes leaf edges to turn brown as leaf edges and tips are last to receive water from roots. In case of too little water plant will wilt , leaves turn brown and fall off eventually.


Over watering causes yellow/ brown wilted and limped leaves. Or leaf edges turn brown.


Lack of Humidity

Lack of humidity is most of the times true for the tropical plants grown in homes. They demands constant and high humidity level which is difficult to maintain in warmer areas.  If it is the case mist the plant regularly to maintain humidity level around the plant. Use pebble trays or move the plants in higher humidity areas like kitchen and bathrooms.


Over fertilization

Build up of salts can cause browning as plant accumulates excess salt in leaf margins and tips. If you notice leaf scorching shortly after feeding a heavy dose of fertilizer then it is the problem. Flush the soil repeatedly to wash away excess salt accumulated in soil.


Light issues

If lower leaves are turning brown and the discoloration of the plant is confined to the side away from direct light then too little light is the problem.


Heat Problem

Too much heat and too little water can cause leaves to curl, crinkly and then fall off. Try increasing air flow in this case.


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