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When to Start Flower Plant Seeds in India ?

Feb 27, 2014
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 Time is the first thing which comes to the mind whenever we think about starting a plant as each plant has its own requirements in terms of light and temperature. So it becomes necessary to check the month or season before planting or sowing seeds. Below is a chart comprising months of starting seeds, taking cuttings, planting saplings and time of blooming.



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Note : Months and seasons may vary slightly with geographical location and climates.

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Time to sow seeds or plant saplings  or take cuttings

Time to bloom

Jasmine sambac/ Mogra Feb-April April-July (Summer)
Jasminum grandiflorum/ Chameli Feb-April April-July (Summer)
Jaminum molle / Indian Jui Feb-April April-July (Summer)
Catharanthus roseus/ Saadabahar Feb-June All year
Salvia Oct- Dec Jan – Feb
Petunia Oct-Dec Sep –Feb
Pelargonium Feb-April Sep – Feb
Marigold/ Genda phool April-May (Summer, Fall)
Pansy April-June, Dec-Jan Jan- Feb (Spring, Early Summer, Fall, Winter)
Impatiens / Balsam April-May Nov- Jan (late spring, fall)
Hibiscus / Gudhal April-May June, Dec (summer, fall /year-round)
Cestrum / Raat Rani April-May April-July (spring, Summer)
Rose April-May Dec- Feb
Pentas April-May Nov-Feb (year-round)
Gerebra April-May Oct-Nov (Early spring –autumn)
Tabernaemontana divaricata / Tagar/ Chandani Feb-April Jan (Spring to fall / year round)
Allamanda April-May Sep (Summer, Fall / year round)
Cypress vine / Ganesh Bel April-May Sep-Nov (Summer, Fall)
Chineese Aster April-May Aug-Sep (Summer)
Zinnia April-May Oct-Jan (Spring-Early Fall)
Holy Basil/ Tulsi April-May (Summer-Early Fall)
Bougainvillea April-May Dec-Jan (Spring-Autumn)
Dahlia April-May Sep-Feb
Begonia April-May Sep-Feb
Dianthus April-May Oct-Dec, Feb (Except winter)
Celosia April-May (Mid, late summer, Early  and mid fall) Sep





























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