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Vegetable sowing chart

Mar 21, 2014
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 The chart shows vegetables to be started in every month. The timings differ in North & South India due to climate and geography. Checkout our vegetable seeds collection.



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North India

South India

January Brinjal Brinjal, Gourds, Spinach, Melons, Radish, Carrot, Onion, Okra, Bean, Lettuce, Tomato
February Okra, Spinach, French Beans, Cucumber, Gourds- Bittergourd, Bottle gourd, Applegourd Same as January
March Same as February Okra, Spinach, Coriander, Beans, Melons,  Gourds, Amaranthus
April Capsicum Okra, Tomato, Chilli, Coriander, Gourds, Onion, Amaranthus
May Onion, Pepper, Brinjal Okra, Chilli, Onion
June Cauliflower, Okra, Onion,Pepper, Brinjal, Tomato, Sem,Cucumber, All gourds Almost all vegetables, Gourds
July All gourds, Cucumber, Okra, Tomato, Sem Same as June
August Carrot, Radish, Tomato, Cauliflower Carrot, Cauliflower, Beans, Beet
September Cabbage, Carrot, Cauliflower, Peas, Radish, Tomato, Lettuce Caulifower, Cucumber, Onion, Peas, Spinach
October Cabbage, Cauliflower, Radish, Peas, Spinach, Brinjal, Tomato, Beet Cabbage, Capsicum, Cucumber, Beans, Peas, Spinach, Turnip, Watermelon, Brinjal
November Turnip, Tomato, Radish, Pepper, Beet, Peas Beet, Okra, Cabbage, Brinjal, Beans, Lettuce,  Melon, Carrot, Turnip
December Tomato Cabbage, Chilli, Pumpkin, Muskmelon, Watermelon, Gourds – Ridge Gourd, Bitter gourd, Bottle Gourd, Ash Gourd


Reference :  http://goo.gl/HCsn0x


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2 Responses

  1. Hi I have started plantation in my balcony recently. Till now I tried tomatoes chillies curry patta tulsi coriander and mint but could not succeed in any. Tomatoes plants grew around 2 feet and then died. Kari patta plants are left with only center stem with eyes on them but no leaves, chillies recently sown have seedlings coming up, tulsi is still with me from last one year but not in great shape.

    Whereas money plant rose aloe Vera and palm are doing good.

    To add here coriander germinates but dies as its stems are very week. Mint died too

    Please suggest where I am going wrong no idea

    Will await response



    • Anju,

      Thanks for writing to us. On basis of information provided by you, we can conclude few below things.

      1. Your tomatoes may died due to some infection (fungal). Did you notice any dark black spots on your tomatoes plant leaves ?

      2. Chilli doesn’t show much growth in winter. It prefer to rest this season so there are chances that you may not see much growth on it.

      3. Same with curry patta as mentioned above for chillies. After winter in spring and summer (march onwards) you will see new leaves and growth on curry patta plants.

      4. Tulsi will grow in winter too. Just keep watering it whenever you see soil drying up.

      5. In case of coriander we want to know if you over watered it ? Try to grow coriander again , do not overwater the saplings and provide some organic manure like cow dung or compost.

      Also it would be great if you could share these plant pics at [email protected] so that we could analyse them in details and provide you suggestions accordingly.


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